Welcome to CouponFlux
We're a financial technology company that provides software-as-a-service solutions that combine blockchain integration and banking rails to enable retailers to issue digital store credit collateralized by their inventory. The CouponFlux platform features turnkey e-commerce tools that retailers can leverage to engage more deeply with customers. Process customer payments online or at the point of sale, track inventory and sales, create digital reward and loyalty programs, and much more.

Reimagine Store Credit with CouponFlux

CouponFlux provides merchants with tools to issue digital store credit assets on the Stellar blockchain which are redeemable for store merchandise.

Improved Engagement
By using a loyalty program, subscribers can encourage customers to return to their website and purchase more products. By issuing store credit assets on the Stellar blockchain, customers can easily earn and redeem rewards, leading to increased engagement and retention.

Loyalty Programs
The ability for merchants to create and manage their loyalty programs using CouponFlux.

Reduced Costs
Implementing and managing a loyalty program can be expensive and time-consuming. CouponFlux provides subscribers with a cost effective and efficient way to manage their loyalty program, reducing the overall cost and time required to implement and manage a loyalty program.

A framework for defining the rules for earning and redeeming rewards, setting expiration dates for rewards, and creating custom rewards for customers.

Highly Customizable
CouponFlux provides subscribers with a highly customizable loyalty program, enabling them to define the rules for earning and redeeming rewards, set expiration dates for rewards, and create custom rewards for customers. This flexibility enables subscribers to create a loyalty program that meets their unique needs and provides their customers with a seamless and personalized experience.

Payment Processing
The ability to issue and manage digital representations of store credit on the Stellar blockchain network, including support for various store credit assets such as points, rewards, and gift cards.

Universal Liquidity
Create cross-promotional programs with other subscribers by making your rewards points interchangeable. Issue fully liquid merchant credit assets which are exchangeable for cash.

Transaction Processing
The ability to facilitate the exchange of digital representations of store credit between customers and merchants, ensuring that transactions are processed securely and efficiently.

A suite of reporting tools that enable subscribers to track and analyze their loyalty program’s performance, including detailed information on customer behavior, purchase history, and rewards earned.

A feature that allows CouponFlux Station to provide CouponFlux Satellite and other clients with real-time notifications.

Blockchain technology provides a transparent and immutable record of all transactions, making it easy for subscribers to track and manage their loyalty program. This increased transparency provides subscribers with a higher level of accountability and can help to reduce fraudulent activity.

The suite of tools provided by CouponFlux is designed to be easy to use, making it simple for subscribers to implement and manage a blockchain-based loyalty program. The tools are user-friendly, scalable, and secure, providing subscribers with a reliable infrastructure to manage their loyalty program.

The ability for merchants and customers to create and manage their CouponFlux accounts. Secure access to the system, including subscription registrations, activation, creation, user role definition, and secure authentication protocols.

A set of tools for communicating with customers, including email notifications, SMS messages, and push notifications.

Introducing the CouponFlux Platform

Our platform consists of a series of different applications and services.

CouponFlux Administration
Our entire platform is managed by our internal staff using the administration application. It contains tools to manage data, monitor scheduled tasks, execute and restore backups, provide user support, and troubleshoot problems.

CouponFlux Consulting
Our friendly, skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced staff stand ready to assist you with your CouponFlux integration. We can help you integrate and use our platform services.

CouponFlux Exchange
A full featured non-custodial Stellar wallet with support for Stellar federaton services and tools to add and remove asset trust lines, review detailed asset ratings and metrics, execute atomic swaps, buy and sell using the decentralized exchange, earn fees through participating in liquidity pools, send and receive payments, and accept claimable balances. Additionally, we've integrated the Stripe crypto on-ramp as a simple and low cost means to purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar Lumens, and other cryptocurrencies. The integrated ChangeNOW atomic swap widget allows exchanges between different types of cryptocurrencies.

CouponFlux Members
Individual users can view and manange their account settings. Search your activity and transactions history. Write a bio, upload a profile photo, add contact information, set personal preferences, link outside funding sources, manage contacts, and invite friends to join.

CouponFlux Station
Station is our REST compliant API which provides access to core platform features and services to remote subscriber applications.

CouponFlux Subscribers
Organizations of all kinds ranging from art projects to charities to retail stores can benefit from having an asset issuer subscription to CouponFlux. Subscribers can manage their credit assets, loyalty programs, and reward distributions. Reports featuring detailed analytics provide insight into usage.

CouponFlux Support
Contact our staff, open and track support tickets, read the project white paper and user manual, explore videos and other educational materials, view legal notices and disclosures, review prospectuses for digital assets, and learn about our technology, integrations, and partnerships.